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Admission Arrangements

Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 pupils can be referred to the CE Academy via the pupil's school or Local Authority.

Parents can use either of these channels to request a referral for their child but not directly through the Academy.

Permanently excluded pupils should be referred via Educational Inclusion and Partnerships (EIP).

In addition a CE referral form should be completed. This can be found on our Information for Schools page (see link below).

Pupils at risk of exclusion, pregnant or school age mothers and dual registered pupils can be referred directly to the Academy by mainstream schools using the appropriate referral form on our Information for Schools page (see link below).

Referrals are considered from Northamptonshire EIP and other local authorities.

use the appropriate referral form on our Information for Schools page

EET Permanent Exclusions Online Form

Individual admission may vary according to circumstances but the usual pattern will include:

  • the identification of a key tutor within CE;
  • contact with the pupil and his/her parents/carers initiated by the Academy
    within 4 working days of the receipt of the completed paper work;
  • a visit to the CE base by the pupil and his/her parents/carers;
  • the agreement of a timetable;
  • in cases of dual registration – CE Academy aim to admit the young person within
    2 weeks of receipt of the referral;
  • admission by day 6 following a permanent exclusion. This process is dependent on referral
    forms being received by the CE Academy immediately following permanent exclusion. 
  • the agreement of the first review date.

Pupils with an EHCP

Young people with an EHCP would normally be in either a mainstream or special school. CE Academy is an AP Academy and as such is set up by the DfE using a business commissioning model.

The Top Up funding for CE Academy is based on a young person attending a campus and without the additional needs specified on an EHCP. For this reason education for a young person with an EHCP can be provided but will need a separate costing to ensure their needs can be met. If we feel they are then able to attend a campus full-time the Top Up will be as for any other young person.

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